The 38 Remedies and their Uses
Remedy Emotional State
Agrimony Hide Problems Behind A Cheerful Face
Aspen Fears And Worries Of Unknown Origin
Beech Intolerant Of Others And Critical
Centaury Weak-Willed, Easily Led
Cerato Seek Advice And Confirmation From Others
Cherry Plum Fear Of Losing Control
Chestnut Bud Failure To Learn From Past Mistakes
Chicory Possessive, Over-Protection
Clematis Dreaminess, Lack Of Interest In The Present
Crab Apple Poor Self-Image, Sense Of Uncleanliness
Elm Overwhelmed By Responsibility
Gentian Discouragement, Despondency
Gorse Hopelessness, Despair
Heather Self Preoccupied, Self Concern, Talkative
Holly Envious, Jealous, Feelings Of Hatred
Honeysuckle Dwells On The Past
Hornbeam "Monday" Morning Feeling
Impatiens Impatience
Larch Lack Of Confidence
Mimulus Fear Of Known Things
Mustard Deep Gloom With No Origin
Oak Exhausted But Struggles On
Olive Lack Of Energy
Pine Self-Reproach, Guilt
Red Chestnut Fear Of Over Concern Of Others
Rock Rose Terror
Rock Water Inflexible, Self Denial
Scleranthus Uncertainty, Indecision
Star Of Bethlehem   After Effects Of Shock, Grief
Sweet Chestnut Extreme Mental Anguish
Vervain Over-Enthusiasm
Vine Assertive, Inflexible, Domineering
Walnut Protection From Change And Outside Influences
Water Violet Proud, Aloof
White Chestnut Unwanted Thoughts, Mental Arguments
Wild Oat Uncertainty As To Correct Path In Life
Wild Rose Resignation, Apathy
Willow Self Pity, Resentment
Rescue Remedy This is an emergency combination, which consists of Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis. It can be used for any type of demanding or stressful situation.
Other pre-mixed combinations are offered by many remedy producers, but they tend to be ineffective because they are not chosen individually.