Dr Edward Bach And His Discovery Of The Bach Flower Remedies

"...many people, both in England and abroad, were using the Bach herbal remedies and with excellent results, and Bach felt he had been justified in placing the knowledge of his discoveries in the hands of the lay people as well as making them known to the medical profession".

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician, Nora Weeks (1940)

Edward Bach
Edward Bach. Photo courtesy of the Bach Centre

Dr Edward Bach was born in England in 1886 and passed away in 1936 aged 50. He was a physician, bacteriologist, pathologist, homoeopath and herbalist and was not happy with the concept of treating a person’s symptoms. He felt the person should be treated as a whole.

"...Having proved that the herbs of the field are so simple to use and so wonderfully effective in their healing powers, I deserted orthodox medicine".

Letter to General Medical Council, England (1936)

Bach Flower Remedies treat the person and not the disease or its symptoms. They work on a person’s current emotions and their personality by flooding out negative feelings and emotions; replacing them with positive ones. Once harmony has been restored to the mind, the body can start to heal itself.

As the remedies do not treat physical illness directly but a person’s emotional state and personality, this means two people can have identical diseases but take completely different Bach Flower Remedies.

"This patient suffering from asthma indicated the remedy Clematis, whereas the small asthmatic boy of eight years old he was treating at the same time was improving on the remedy Agrimony. The one was a dreamy, indifferent type, the other a happy, cheerful, alert child, but the physical complaint in both cases was the same".

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician, Nora Weeks (1940)

You do not have to be physically ill to take Bach Flower Remedies, for example, the Olive remedy is for lack of energy, this may be due to a long period of personal difficulties or you may have been studying for exams, which has left you exhausted in body and mind. The positive potential of Olive is restoration of strength and peace of mind.

Dr Bach spent most of his life discovering the 38 Bach Flower Remedies travelling around the English countryside. Before he passed away, Dr Bach had completed what he had set out to do. There are no supplements to his work. There is no need; his remedies are timeless. Having 38 remedies does not mean there are only 38 states of mind, when mixed with each other in different combinations; approximately 293 million variations can be made. Dr Bach ensured that the remedies would treat every conceivable range of human emotion.

Please Note

Bach Flower Remedies are complementary which means they can be taken along side any other form of treatment. They are completely safe and have no side effects. However, due to there being a tiny amount of grape alcohol, which acts as a preservative in the remedies, it is advisable for anyone who has an intolerance to alcohol, to contact their doctor for advice before taking them.