Dr Edward Bach Centre and The Bach Foundation International Register

In 1934 Dr Bach moved to Oxfordshire, England and lived in a house called Mount Vernon, which was surrounded by a beautiful garden. This was where he found the last 19 of the 38 remedies, in the garden and the surrounding countryside.

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon. Photo courtesy of the Bach Centre

After Dr Bach passed away in 1936, his two assistants, Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen, at Dr Bach’s request, carried on his work, and in 1958, they bought Mount Vernon and its garden outright. Later, they transferred the ownership of the house to a Trust called The Dr Edward Bach Healing Trust.

Mount Vernon (the Bach Centre) is still the home of Dr Bach’s work today and always will be. To this day they continue to make the mother tinctures for the stock bottles at Mount Vernon and help people use the remedies for themselves.

The Bach Foundation promotes the awareness of Dr Bach and his work, as well as supporting the Bach Centre, by adhering to the simplicity of his remedies.

Through the Foundation, education and training is available in the use of the remedies, from beginners to being a professional practitioner. The Foundation also refers members of the public to a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, on request.

If you would like more information regarding the courses they have available, or you would like a referral to a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in your area, please click on the Dr Edward Bach Centre web site www.bachcentre.com for more details.