Taking the Remedies
Role of a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

When using Bach Flower Remedies for the first time, people tend to think they need all 38 remedies.

The role of the practitioner is to help the client understand the simplicity of the Bach System and that we do not prescribe to the client but help educate them in the use of the Bach Flower Remedies. We help to develop the client’s confidence in using the remedies so that eventually they are able to choose their own remedies without the guidance of a practitioner.

The practitioner’s goal is to help the client make the Bach Flower Remedies part of their every day lives.

Dr Edward Bach said:

"I want to make it as simple as this: I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from the garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus".

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician, Nora Weeks (1940)

How to take Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies can take up to 3 weeks before any effects are noticeable, sometimes longer, it all depends how deep rooted the emotion is.

When using Bach Flower Remedies it is not necessary to think long and hard about your emotions. The remedies concentrate on “what you see”. They work on the emotions, layer by layer, starting from the outside to the inside. This is known as the “peeling of the onion”, once one layer has been taken away, another one may appear, this will continue until the root cause of the emotion is found causing the imbalance.

The remedy bottle will last for up to 3 weeks. For maximum effect, you must take 4 drops from the remedy bottle 4 times daily, either under the tongue, in a glass of water or hot/cold drink. Keep taking the remedies until you feel an improvement in your emotions. Note; you may take the remedies more than 4 times a day if you feel the need. Bach Flowers are non-addictive and can be taken for long periods of time.

Consultation Fees
Initial one hour consultation including remedies $60
Follow-up consultation including remedies $50

Where appropriate postage will be added on to the consultation fee.

All remedies will be sent on receipt of your cheque or postal order made payable to Jill Sullivan.

If you do not reside in Australia and would like to see a Practitioner in person, please look in the Bach Foundation International Register for a Practitioner in your country www.bachcentre.com